Basement Waterproofing Tanking System Installation

Basement Waterproofing Tanking Systems Installation London & South East

T W Read Basement Tanking supply and install a wide range of basement waterproofing systems and basement pump systems. For efficient and reliable basement waterproofing tanking systems, design is the key. Once our surveyor’s have designed the best basement waterproofing system for your basement or cellar, we will install a reliable and efficient basement waterproofing system; often including a sump pump system in your basement. 

Our experienced and fully qualified team are expert installers of high quality basement tanking waterproofing and sump pump systems to keep your basement clean, dry, free from damp and protected from floods. With our free survey we check and diagnose any potential problems and provide you with a plan of action to waterproof your home or business.

Basement Waterproofing Tanking installation process

Step 1 – Our surveyors will assess the best solution for your individual basement waterproofing requirements conforming to BS 8102 standards.

Step 2 – Once the design phase is complete and all parties are in agreement, we’ll begin planning and preparing the basement waterproofing tanking system installation

Step 3 – Every basement waterproofing project is unique, we’ve got over 30 years of experience in designing and installing basement waterproofing systems. Some basements are already excavated, some require excavation. Once excavated and structurally sound, the waterproofing process can commence.

Step 4 – Your basement waterproofing tanking system could consist of membrane, sealant, drainage and sump pumps. We’ll bring everything together in the installation phase.

Step 5 – To ensure an infallible system, we test the waterproofing system for leaks and weak points at every step of the installation and then fully test at the end.

Step 6 – We’ll leave the basement ready for the next step of its conversion as agreed in the quote provided to you. This ranges from preparing the basement ready for decorating contractors, leaving the basement as a clean and dry storage space, or installing a cinema, home gym, wine cellar or a swimming pool. 

Step 7 – Our work is fully backed by insured guarantees. We will also discuss your regular basement pump and basement waterproofing system maintenance and servicing options.

Basement Waterproofing Tanking Systems Installation London & South East

T W Read have been installing Structural Waterproofing systems for over 30 years. We specialise in the installation of Cavity Drain Membrane Systems. This includes the installation and maintenance of pump systems.

Property owners are now more than ever carrying out cellar-basement- vault conversions to their properties. This can add considerable value to the property and can create bright additional offices, cinema rooms, play rooms, bedrooms, gymnasiums, and receptions rooms. Your first call should be to a qualified basement waterproofing specialist company who s a member of the Property care association.

A survey can then be undertaken to design a basement waterproofing system to deal with any ingressing water that will have an insurance backed guarantee. After our detailed inspection and meeting with you, we will then produce a survey report and drawing detailing our findings along with all the costs associated with the basement works.

Our preferred method for all our structural waterproofing is the cavity drain membrane system but we also use cementitious tanking products to complement the waterproofing system where necessary on flat soffits, ceilings, lift shafts and externally to retained slabs and ring beams.

Our structural waterproofing systems comply with BS8102. This is the British Standard code of practice for protection of structures from water from the ground. It is advisable that all basement waterproofing must comply with this.

It is very important that a qualified waterproofing specialist designs a long-term basement waterproofing system with an insurance backed guarantee. We have seen many failed systems where drainage channels and pumping stations have not been maintained and from poor workmanship and detailing. Our surveyor holds the industry recognised Cssw (Certificated surveyor of structural waterproofing) qualification.

Our Structural waterproofing systems are guaranteed for ten years. GPI Insurance backed guarantees are also available for a one off premium.

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